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Bionatural Blooming Blossoms

Unlocking the power of nature


 “Let microbes do the job for you”

BioNatural products have been tested in various Universities and well known Institutions around the world including University of Florida, Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences. Here it has been quoted that…

“Drenching with BioNatural Products increased both shoot and root growth comparable to the full fertilizer rate without the BioNatural Bioplin. This suggests that the amount of chemical fertilizers can be reduced by half and still produce similar size plant shoots with BioNatural Products.”

The technology and products are substantiated by over 40,000 field tests in different agro-climatic zones.


BioNatural Blooming Blossoms powered by Robust Azotobacter Cysts

We are constantly on the cutting edge of new technology that is redefining the way people think about biological inoculants.

All natural, safe, reliable & effective soil drench & foliar spray inoculants

Use on all types of fruits, vegetables, foliage and flowering plants

These unique key products are backed by 42 years of award winning sustained research with advanced and innovative technology

Recipient of numerous awards, including the Most Prestigious Gold Medal for outstanding invention by World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva.

OMRI Listed

Lets grow together naturally……with BioNatural Blooming Blossoms!

Proven track record of repeated reliable performance in all areas of crop and greenhouse production nurseries


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